Every organization’s goal is the same: to increase revenue and accelerate growth while simultaneously reducing costs. It’s not always easy for organizations to get their people, processes, and technology aligned to accomplish these objectives.

This difficulty may be solved by using marketing automation software. Marketing operations and workflows may now be more easily automated, streamlined, and measured, allowing firms to boost operational efficiency and generate revenue more quickly. Multichannel marketing and work automation are two of the primary goals of this particular kind of software. Among the various current marketing techniques that may be supported by marketing automation are lead generation and segmentation; lead nurturing; report generation; analytics and many more.

Why it is important to automate your daily marketing tasks?

Marketing automation is one of the fastest-growing technologies out there. Marketing automation is used by 76% of marketers, and 26% of those who don’t, intend to utilize it in the next year. Automation is not a choice anymore. You have to automate your processes in order just to keep up with your competition. This time we are going to review what problems marketing automation will help you solve.

marketing automation

To mention just a few of the problems facing today’s marketers, they are overburdened with tracking engagement and trying to make sense of different conversion attribution of different channels. Scalability, personalization, alignment with sales, and monitoring performance are just some of the ways automation may help. Listed below are some of the more frequent issues that marketing automation may assist in resolving:

1. Problem: I don’t have a lot of time and must squeeze more productivity out of the resources I have.

More leads, more income, and speedier transactions are all expected of marketers in today’s fast-paced digital world. As soon as one program is completed, another one begins. With marketing automation, marketers can concentrate on more strategic responsibilities while the software takes care of the day-to-day operations.

2. Problem: I don’t know how to measure or improve engagement.

For the design, administration, and automation of marketing activities across online and offline channels, tracking user interaction is crucial. Marketing automation helps you to record, manage, and score different marketing channels based on their impact on your marketing funnel. You’ll be able to illustrate the value of your efforts and better improve your programs if you some marketing analytics software like Admers.

3. Problem: Conversions are low or my sales funnel is leaking.

Even though dealing with leads that don’t convert or a broken sales funnel might be irritating, it can be remedied. Using marketing automation, you can identify which marketing channels are the most effective at which customer journey point and provide prospects with helpful and relevant content over a variety of channels until they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Nurturing may result in 50% more sales leads and a 33% cheaper cost per lead if done correctly.

4. Problem: I’m dealing with a lack of marketing efficiency and technological incompatibility.

Marketing automation may assist you if your efforts in marketing are being hampered by inefficiencies. Your employees will be able to concentrate on more strategic tasks, such as developing new marketing campaigns and improving overall procedures, thanks to the automation of some manual activities. Good automation software will be used even for the less technologically sufficient employees and will make their mundane work of data collection a thing of the past.

5. Problem: lost opportunities due to too many data points.

Automation platforms gather all the necessary information into one dashboard that is structured according to your needs. This helps to see all the most important data from different platforms in one place and gain a better view of the whole picture. In this way, we can quickly assess the current client situation, pinpoint points for improvement and take action.

6. Problem: necessary optimization action isn’t taken on time

Admers client dashboard shows the most important KPIs of all your clients in one place. This enables you to spot the clients that are in immediate need of your attention and prioritize work with them. You will not miss a critical point and a chance for optimization. We see the lost potential of an account so often because of a certain trend, a drop in results, was not noticed immediately. You will never be in this situation if you use marketing automation software.

Lastly, marketing automation tools can really set your company apart. It will not only allow you to scale your operations, become more efficient and earn more money. We guarantee that yours and your employee job satisfaction will grow since nobody likes tedious time consuming tasks as filling excel sheets or other reports. Leave it for us!

If you are interested how to create the best digital marketing report we got you covered. And yes, the best digital marketing reports are automated since you can create and analyze them immediately after one button click. Unlock the future of marketing.