how to choose google ads format

Google allows you to build a variety of Google ads formats, including text ads that show alongside Google search results. You may also use video advertising, picture ads, app or digital content ads, and more to market your products and services.

Whether it’s the convenience and cost of running a text ad or the vivid narrative that comes with a video, each ad format has its own set of advantages tailored for different marketing goals. You may use the same Google Advertisements account and, in certain circumstances, the same campaign to run several types of ads. In this article, we will review all the Google ad formats and their benefits.

Text Ads Format

These used to be text-only ads visible on Google Search Network. Now they can be accompanied by the image extensions. One of the main advantages of these ads is that they are super easy to maintain. You can use ad extensions to give more data and contact information to clients, making your text advertisements more relevant. This Google ad format does not require any investment into creative assets. You just need to figure out what type of keywords your clients are searching on Google, include them in your ad headlines and direct them into a relevant landing page. This ad format is highly effective in generating sales because it reaches customers that already have an intent to buy. While creating a marketing strategy these ads are usually chosen for the middle of the funnel.

Google ads format-text ads

Image Ads

This Google ads format consists of static or interactive graphics. These ads allow you to reach customers on websites that partner with Google. They are great for visually showcasing your product or service. 

Google ads formats-image ads

Responsive Google Ads Formats

Responsive ads alter their size, look, and format to fit into available ad spots automatically. They are also able to convert into text or picture advertisements. These ad formats are amazing because you don’t need a huge investment to adapt your visual to all different image ad specs. Since they are able to fit any advertising placement their reach is a lot bigger than image ads. Responsive ad formats require only two image dimensions. You can create ads that fit just about any ad space available, in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, responsive ads might appear as native ads, enhancing your effectiveness by blending into the designs of publishers’ web pages. These ads are great for introducing your product or service to a huge audience. They are usually used at the top of the funnel while creating a marketing strategy.

Google ads formats-responsive ads

Video Google Ads Formats

These ad formats allow you to run standalone video ads or insert them in streaming video content. Video enables a rich and interesting customer experience. Customers can be reached through Google-affiliated websites and on Youtube. Video ads work best for increasing brand awareness but they can also be used for driving action. It all depends on your marketing strategy and creativity. You will be able to target people based on their interests, channels they are currently watching, internet activity and search queries made on youtube. When was the last time you read an instruction? Nowadays everybody is searching for a tutorial and a review on Youtube. Be where your customers are. Reach them first.

Google ads formats- video ads

Product Shopping ads

Shopping ads like text ads are visible on the Google Search network when a user is searching for a specific product. Shopping ads show users a photo of your product, a title, price, store name, and more details about your product. This ad format also reaches users with high intent. That’s why people usually start from shopping ads or texts ads. Although, shopping ads will require more work while setting up. To launch a Google Shopping ad format you will need to create a Google Merchant Center account. It needs to be filed with your tax and shipping info, your contacts, products listings with names, prices, descriptions, and more. Sadly shopping ads are not available in all countries. Visit the Google support page to find out if this google ads format is available in your target country. If it is not, choose the next best thing – text ads.

App promotion ads

This ad format is created for driving app downloads and engagement. It enables your business to reach customers when they search on Google (including Google Play), and on websites and apps that partner with Google. Ads will appear only on devices compatible with your content. This means that if your app is only available on Android, only Android users will be able to see your ads.

App promotion ads

Call-only ads

With ads that feature your phone number, you can increase the number of calls to your business. People can call your company straight after clicking on these adverts. These advertisements will only appear on devices that can make phone calls, and any field in these advertisements can be hidden to fit on smaller screens. These ads are visible on the Google Search network. 

Google call only ads

The ad formats available to you are determined by the campaign sub-type (Search Network only, Display Network only, Search Network with Display Select) and campaign type (Search Network only, Display Network only, Search Network with Display Select) (for example, Standard or All features). 

These are all the Google Ads formats available for you. If this seems a bit overwhelming we have created an article about the ad formats that are recommended for driving action. They are a great place to start. When you will have a bigger advertising budget and a broad advertising strategy you will find a way to try out all of these formats. It is smart to use a mix of different ad formats since it enables you to reach your customer in different places and in different stages of their customer journey. If you will decided to limit yourself to one or two ad formats you are at risk of damaging a customer’s life cycle and losing potential prospects. That’s why knowledge of all formats available is useful.