Facebook updates september 2021

September was rich with Facebook updates. Some of them are quite big and very much correlate to the industry direction post cookie apocalypse. We will review a lot of features built to create stronger, more authentic relationships between businesses and consumers. Together with Facebook, we are stepping into the digital business innovation era. These Facebook updates range from internal account management functions to new user experience features. There are a lot of new features that most definitely will get you excited about new business growth possibilities. 

Instagram’s Shop Tab Is Getting Advertisements

The first Facebook change of the month will delight all of our Facebook advertisers. Ads are coming to Instagram’s store tab, which can be run through the Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook has been expanding its ad placements on Instagram. This includes the recently introduced Explore section advertising, so this is simply a continuation of that function.

Moreover, your ad is being put in a very high-value, high-intent area in this case. In the shopping tab users aren’t simply seeking for new material to keep them engaged; they’re actively hunting for products to buy.

The ability to have your ad showcase a relevant product to people who are looking to buy something may be a great way for companies to get more exposure and conversions.

These advertisements are starting to appear in nations with Instagram’s Shop tab. So keep a lookout in the coming weeks and months to add it to your list of possible placements.

Facebook Business Explore is assisting people in finding relevant businesses

Facebook Business Explore will help connect consumers with new and relevant companies. It will bringing more businesses in front of interested individuals. These users are actively seeking to discover new service providers – all in one, convenient, and centralized location. This will also assist firms in reaching out to new clients and encouraging more in-depth evaluation. This might lead to more sales.

Finally, Facebook intends to include more material from artists and local businesses. It will also offer additional tools to allow consumers more choice over the information they view.

Facebook updates- business explore features

Facebook post-testing tool

Facebook enhanced Facebook Business Suite with a post-testing tool that lets users A/B test their business updates. This will work by allowing you to post different variations of the same post to compare which one people are more likely to engage with.

Facebook updates - Facebook post testing tool

Facebook Updates Communication Features

Customers may receive full-funnel service from businesses, which allows them to engage with them no matter where they are in the buying process. Facebook has been working on a variety of tools to help businesses do this more easily and effectively.

As a result, various new Messenger features have emerged, including:

  • Advertisers may now choose “all messaging platforms” as viable choices for how users might message them after clicking on an ad in Messenger Ads. Based on where a discussion is most likely to happen for that particular user, Facebook automatically brings up the chat option in the ad.
Facebook updates - all messaging platforms
  • From their Instagram profile, brands and artists will be able to add a click-to-chat button that will take them to WhatsApp.
  • Users may now get a quotation from a brand over Messenger using a new Page CTA button named “Quote Request.” This is presently in beta testing and will allow businesses to choose four to five questions to ask consumers before beginning a discussion in order to provide them with an accurate quote.
Facebook update -  get quote CTA
  • Instagram has unveiled mysterious paid and organic capabilities that will begin testing shortly, allowing companies to discover and qualify leads on the platform. In the next months, we’ll most likely learn more about this.

Although, it will be interesting to see how many of these features will be available for the European users since a lot of Messenger functionalities do not work there due to strict GDPR restrictions. 

New Facebook Work Accounts

This is a new addition to Facebook’s family of digital assets. While working with different agencies we routinely hear questions do managers have to use their personal Facebook accounts to administer their business accounts. These requests became even more frequent when in the past year together with the rise of data privacy issues awareness.

Facebook is experimenting with Work Accounts, which will allow business users to log in and utilize Business Manager without having to use their personal accounts. Businesses will be able to manage these accounts on behalf of their workers and will have access to enterprise-grade capabilities like single sign-on connections, providing them more control over their employees’ accounts’ security.

Facebook Reels are being rolled out

Facebook Reels are now available! Or, at the very least, they’ll be available soon for US customers who don’t already have them.

Reels, an Instagram-styled video feature, was set to launch on August 19th at the last minute, bringing a hyper-popular, TikTok-styled video feature to Facebook’s sister company.

Reels have a high level of engagement on Instagram, so there’s a chance this might be a strategy to fight the reduction of organic reach on Facebook in the future with engaged consumers.

Because Reels Ads are already available on Instagram, expect this extra placement to be available on Facebook soon.

The function is now only available to a small number of users, but it is being rolled out in the United States on both Android and iOS. Check out Hootsuite’s Instagram Reels guide for the finest ideas and tactics today to get ready for this new feature.

Facebook is clearly trying to help businesses to reinvent their relationships with their clients since the whole digital advertising world is experiencing efficiency disturbances after the infamous Apple iOS 14 privacy updates. It seems like we are getting back to the marketing basics where your branding, customer experience, and value preposition matter the most. For business, time is as important as marketing budgets. And this time Facebook presented changes that are really aimed at reaching business goals and efficiency.

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