Which ad format is recommended for driving action

The key to ensuring that your business succeeds in today’s current market is to use an optimized combination of organic and paid client acquisition. Not all ad formats are created equal. It’s important to know what ads are the most efficient in driving user action. Today we will help you find the straightest path to growing your business through paid digital advertising. We are going to review three main advertising platforms that in combination can generate the best results for B2B and B2C businesses alike. Let’s find out which ad format is recommended for driving action.

Facebook ad formats for driving user action

If you want to boost an eCommerce business, Facebook is the best place to go. From the experience of our experts, Facebook has the most powerful algorithms that are the most skilled in finding the users that are ready to buy (Click for more information on how to start with Facebook ads). They just need a little nudge from you.

If you want the biggest return on investment we recommend using a dynamic Facebook carousel. It’s a collection of static square image cards that a user can swipe through. It’s called a dynamic carousel because it takes the images from your product feed that you have to upload to Facebook beforehand. If you are targeting a new users segment that hasn’t heard about your brand, it will show the most popular current products from your product feed. This feature increases the chance that the new user will see something they might like. When you are targeting users that have already visited your website this type of ad is even more powerful. It will show the users products that they have checked out previously. This feature makes sure that the user sees only the most relevant content for their needs. That’s why these ads have one of the highest engagement rates and conversion rates.

Facebook Dynamic Carousel Ad- which ad format is recommended for driving action
Source: Facebook Blueprint

Moreover, this ad format has some custom settings, if you have already tested dynamic carousel ads and you are wondering how you can improve their performance even more. Use custom frames that go on top of your catalog pictures. This setting is a true test of your creativity because you can use virtually any image as long as it has a transparent background and does not cover your product. 

Facebook dynamic carousel ad frames-which ad format is recommended for driving action

Lastly, using dynamic carousels, in addition, do dynamic visuals you can use dynamic text snippets and labels to insert some changing values based on your feed information. These data points can showcase different information such as a percentage of a discount, current price, strike-through price, product name, category, and so on. We definitely recommend dynamic carousel ads for driving action.

Facebook dynamic carousel frames- which ad format is recommended for driving action

Google ad formats for increasing sales

Similarly to Facebook, the best Google ads recommended formats for driving action are the ones able to adapt to any available ad placement and user interest.

Google Ads also has dynamic display ads that work practically the same as Facebook dynamic ads. You need to upload a product feed with data about your listings and various collages adaptable to any advertising real estate will be generated. It means that the dimensions and colors of your ad will change depending on the website design it will appear on. This makes Google dynamic ads look like more of a website’s unique native content not just as an out-of-place ad that is more appealing and engaging to the users. It also enables a bigger reach compared to old-school static banner ads. 

Google dynamic display ad-which ad format is recommended for driving action

Another great format to boost your sales is of course Shopping ads. The function of these ads is encoded in their name. These ads appear on the Google Search network triggered by the keywords used by the user in their search query. Shopping ads appear on top of text search results in a form of little cards combined of product name, price, and a picture. This ad format is so great at generating sales because it is shown to users that already have an intent to buy a specific product. The only question left to answers is whose product they are going to choose. The only downside is that in some markets the main factor if your Shopping ad is going to win against your competitor’s, is the price of your product. 

Google shopping ads

LinkedIn ad formats for driving user action

If you or your client provides services for other businesses LinkedIn is a great place to start. Lead is the main goal for most B2B businesses that’s why LinkedIn has mastered Lead Generation ad format (it is also available on Facebook). This ad format appears on the LinkedIn news feed in the form of a static image, video, or a carousel with a call to action to sign up. After pressing the call to action button user is transferred to a form that is already prefilled with their contact information. The tedious process of filling a form is reduced to a one-button click. But if you need more information to qualify a lead you can add additional questions. We have seen experiments between Lead Generation campaigns and Conversion or Traffic campaigns that lead users to an on-site contact form and the Lead Generation campaigns always outperform the others. Generating those precious contacts is the reason why this ad format was created and with advertising platforms, the usual case is: you get what you buy. 

LinkedIn lead generation ads
Source: LinkedIn

These ad formats that are designed for driving action are a great place to start if you have a limited budget or you are just starting your advertising journey. They will generate the most value in the shortest amount of time. Although, it is important to understand if you want continuous business growth, not just short gains you have to reach your potential prospects throughout their whole purchasing journey. Meaning, you have to start creating awareness about your product or service, generate interest, and only drive action. This is the holistic business cycle that is going to give you long-term results. We hope that after reading this article it’s a bit more clear which ad format is recommended for driving action.

That’s why we created Admers to help you understand this complex user interaction path that spreads through different ad formats and even different advertising platforms. We help you create easy-to-understand visual dashboards that drive meaningful insights and ultimately business growth of your and your client’s business.